Fungal communities in woodpecker cavities

Dear Observers!

Alicja Wolska, a Ph.D. student at the University of Agriculture in Krakow, is conducting research on the presence of fungi in woodpecker cavities as part of her doctoral thesis. To achieve this goal, it is essential to find an adequate number of cavities that have been excavated and used by various woodpecker species for breeding purposes in the current year.

This project is not only aimed at professional and experienced ornithologists but also at individuals who derive joy from observing nature, particularly birds. Here is a detailed description of the project, available at the following link:

On behalf of Alicja, we kindly request that you report observations of woodpecker cavities (from all over Poland) that have been excavated and used for breeding purposes this year. You can report these observations when you come across them during ornithological trips, excursions, walks, or your own research. We encourage you to submit your observations by filling out the survey available at the following address:

The survey is best completed while in the immediate vicinity of the tree, as precise location (GPS), photos of the tree with the cavity, and other information are required. This information is crucial to collect necessary samples after the breeding season. At this time, woodpecker cavities created by any woodpecker species in any tree species are being sought. You can find information on recognizing woodpecker species, searching for cavities, and identification at the following links:

It's worth sharing this information with individuals who might be interested in collecting such data as part of a citizen science project. If you have any questions, you can contact Alicja through the project's website ( or Facebook Bio-obserwator

We encourage you to participate and report your observations!

Black woodpecker (photo by Adam Wajrak)

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