Peregrine Falcon nest in Skawina OPEN!

On July 6, 2023, at noon, we removed the cage from the nest platform on the chimney at the CEZ Skawina power plant and opened the nest of reintroduced peregrine falcons. The action was carried out during the feeding of the birds and went very smoothly – none of the falcons got scared during the lifting of the structure and left the nest. Shortly after the nest was opened, the birds vigorously exercised their wings on the platform. The first flight of one of the birds occurred after about 1.5 hours. The falcon circled the chimney and perched in the control opening on the other side of the chimney at the nest's height, where it stayed at least until 4:00 PM. The remaining two falcons peacefully rested on the platform after their meal until evening. Just before 9:00 PM, they were foraging again.

A challenging period in their lives has begun. They must now master the art of flying and learn to land safely. Then, a significant challenge awaits them: learning to hunt. We hope that all three of them will successfully navigate this most challenging time in their lives.

Text and photos: Krzysztof Haja MTO

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