"Save the Rivers" Coalition awarded!

A few days ago, "Save the Rivers" Coalition was honored with the prestigious EuroNatur Award 2023, partly in recognition of their response to the ecological disaster on the Oder River in July 2022. This award also recognizes their ongoing efforts and initiatives against the planned deepening and regulation of the Oder, intended to transform it into the E40 waterway, as well as their opposition to the construction of the Siarzewo water dam. The award not only acknowledges the specific actions of the Coalition but also aims to emphasize the desire for collaboration and the pooling of efforts to enhance the impact on nature conservation.

The Małopolska Ornithological Society is one of the coalition's partners and co-founders, bringing together organizations dedicated to protection of Polish rivers, streams, wetlands, as well as scientists and individuals, informal groups and institutions that care about the fate of Poland's river ecosystems. For many years, the coalition has been running a campaign for the protection of the Vistula and Odra rivers, and currently, it is battling against plans to build the E40 waterway. This project poses a threat to the largest wilderness areas in Europe in Polesie region.

As Małopolska Ornithological Society we have also actively contributed to the protection and better understanding of rivers in our region. Therefore, it is a tremendous joy and recognition for us, as well as an encouragement for future active endeavors in this field!

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