How to help birds?

What to do if you cannot help a found bird on your own?

General information

Throughout Poland, if you don't know the specific number for such situations, you should call 112 or alternatively the numbers for municipal guards, the police, or the fire department. These institutions should have phone numbers for reporting found animals in need of assistance.

Zoos do not accept animals found in the wild, do not organize assistance, and do not take in birds. An exception is the zoo in Warsaw, where there is a bird rehabilitation center. Unfortunately, in most municipalities in Poland, there is no organized assistance provided by the authorities for protected animals. However, in accordance with the law on nature protection, each municipality is also a nature protection authority and has an obligation to assist in such situations.

In extreme cases when a protected species requires assistance, but you cannot provide it, you should deliver the bird to the municipal office. The municipality cannot refuse to accept the bird, as it is obligated to provide assistance to protected species.

Regional Directorates for Environmental Protection are also responsible institutions for nature conservation. Sometimes they organize assistance for protected animals within the scope of their province.

How to report the need for bird assistance?

When making a phone report to authorities (e.g., police, municipal guard, municipal office), as well as when contacting rehabilitation centers and when handing over a bird in need of help, you should note down the following information: who personally receives our information, to whom we are handing over the bird (name, function, phone number), the date and time of taking the bird, and in the following days, check on the bird's further fate. If there are any doubts about the quality of care given to the bird, you should inform the local authorities, institutions responsible for nature conservation, or you can also contact us as a non-governmental organization.

On our website, there is a list of various institutions that help birds. We kindly ask users of the website to provide any updates and verifications, as over time, some addresses and phone numbers may become outdated, and new centers may emerge.

Reporting in Krakow

In Krakow, reports are received by the municipal guard at 986, and the information is forwarded to a company hired by the City Council. The company should arrive to collect the bird within 1.5 hours from the time of receiving the report. Usually, they contact you beforehand to obtain detailed information. The company carrying out the intervention is under the direct supervision of the Department of Environmental Management of the City of Krakow (Os. Zgody 2, phone number 12-616-88-93, 12-616-88-92) and any comments or concerns should be addressed there.

In the following tabs, information is provided for individuals who wish to provide assistance to found birds themselves.

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