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In trips organized by the Małopolskie Ornithological Society anyone can participate. You don't need to be a highly educated ornithologist. All you need is a positive attitude and a desire to explore the world around us. You are warmly welcome!

Birdwatching tour program autumn-winter 2023/2024!

  1.  October 21st, Saturday, Water reservoirs in Brzegi. Meeting at 8.15AM in the parking lot next to the Air Ambulance Base (pin - https://maps.app.goo.gl/PxFJNRVNqabTTNWg8). You can get there by your own car or by public transportation: take bus line 143 to terminus Bieżanów, or the train to Kokotów station (approximately 1 km from the bus and train to the meeting point). Guide: Mirosław Nowicki (phone: 508 286587);
  2. October 29th, Sunday, Fishpond complex in Spytkowice, at 8.00AM, at the PKP railway station in Spytkowice. Please use your own car for transportation. Guide: Damian Wiehle (phone: 606 886 133);
  3. November 18th, Saturday, Fields between Bosutow and Dziekanowice, at  8.15AM, at the bus stop "Bosutów-Kościuszki". To get there, take bus number 297 from Krowodrza Górka (departure at 7:32 AM). Guide: Mirosław Kata (phone: 601 473 488);
  4. November 26th, Sunday, Urban part of the Vistula River, at 9.30AM, at the Dębnicki Bridge from the "Jubilat" side. This field trip is a part of the 55th Southeastern Poland Ornithologists' Congress. Guide: Kazimierz Walasz (phone: 507 330 776);
  5. 9 grudnia, Saturday, Prądnik Valley, at 8.00AM, at the bus stop "Clepardia", near the "Auchan" market on Mackiewicza Street. Guide: Jacek Tyblewski (phone: 503 874 391);
  6. December the 16th, Saturday, Czchów reservoir, at 9.00 AM, in the parking lot near the road number 75 at the Wytrzyszczka – Tropie ferry crossing. Please make your way there on your own. Guide: Mirosław Kata (phone: 601 473 488).
  7. January 14th, Sunday, Łączany Reservoir - Wapiennik ornithological trail, at 8.00AM, at the parking lot by the dam. Please use your own transportation to get there. Guide: Krzysztof Haja (phone: 789 119 679).
  8. January 20th, Saturday, Świnna-Poręba Reservoir, at 8.00 AM in the parking lot by the dam. Please use your own transportation. This will be a car tour, so you will need to move arround with your own vehicles. Guide: Szymon Sendera (phone: 511 212 973).
  9. February 18th, Sunday, Meadows in Tonie, at 8.40AM, at the "Krowodrza Górka" bus stop, MPK bus number 240 (bus departure at 8:48 AM). The other meeting point: the end of Chabrowa Street at 9:00 AM. Guide: Bogusław Bartosz (phone: 607 520 290);
  10. February 24th, Saturday, Polica Mountains, at 7.00AM, in Skawica – Sucha Góra parking lot of Fire fighters (OSP). Please use your own transportation. NOTE: This is a longer mountain trip. Guide: Szymon Sendera (phone: 511 212 973).

If you don't have your own car to get to the meeting point where it is needed, let us know. Write an email to: sekretariat@mto-kr.pl, we will try to find a soluation :)
Attention! Departure times may change.
The excursions typically last around 3-4 hours.
Recommended equipment: binoculars, a bird identification guide, comfortable hiking shoes,
a rain jacket, snacks.
Participation is free of charge!


Author: J. Tyblewski

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