Małopolska Ornithological Society

Skrytka pocztowa 22, 30-309 Kraków 11,

Telefon: 507 330 776


   Strona internetowa:

   NIP: 676-005-82-67

   Numer konta bankowego: 31 1050 1445 1000 0022 1647 1991

Pomoc w interwencjach w celu ochrony ptaków i nietoperzy w budynkach:

Maria Krzyżanowska – tel. 502 483 242

Maria Krzyżanowska –

If you have found a bird and are seeking advice, before you call or write to us, please check our website in the How to help birds?, and within that section, look for the chapter titled I found a bird – what to do?

If the information provided there is insufficient, then please feel free to email or call us. We also ask you to let us know what is missing, and we will relay this information to the person responsible for that section.

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