Project progress

From the very beginning of the project to create a nesting platform, we had the idea of reintroducing young peregrine falcons into a nest on the chimney of the CEZ power plant in Skawina. This was an alternative plan in case adult falcons were not present at the prepared location.

In March and April 2021, the idea gained momentum thanks to falconer Adam Mroczek from Krzywaczka. Adam offered to provide falcons for restitution in the Skawina nest free of charge. The idea was a way to commemorate and honor the recently died Professor Zbigniew Bonczar from the University of Agriculture for his work for peregrine falcons in Poland.

Our initiative quickly received support from the CEZ Skawina Management, for which we are very grateful, and we were able to begin preparatory work. The kestrels that began to appear in the nest at that time received a new nesting box in the immediate vicinity of the chimney, compensating for their closed breeding site. The process of reintroducing the falcons, originally planned for May, finally began in July and was continuously broadcast online.

The remaining tasks included the preparation and installation of the nesting cage, as well as organizing the process of feeding and caring for the young birds that were to be reintroduced. At this stage, we received support from the CEZ Skawina Power Plant Management and the TADMAR company. All preparations went smoothly; however, at the beginning of June, dark cloud hung over the entire project.

Unfortunately, this year, significantly fewer chicks hatched, and breeder Adam Mroczek could only provide us with one chick. Since it is a practice to reintroduce at least two chicks, it became necessary to acquire a second bird. This began another stage of the project –  how to obtain the second falcon?

The project involved the Małopolska Ornithological Society, the Association for the Protection of Wild Animals "Sokół," Adam Mroczek, TADMAR, and the CEZ Skawina Power Plant.

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