MTO Observation Database

In 2014, we completely transitioned to collecting all bird observations from the region in the online MTO Observation Database. Thanks to an agreement with the Institute of Nature Conservation of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the database is hosted on the Institute's server.

Our goal is to collect all types of ornithological observations from the area of southeastern Poland. Observations can be entered into the database from three major physiographic units, i.e. the Lesser Poland Upland, the Podkarpackie Upland, and the Carpathians, which include the following voivodeships : Małopolskie, Świętokrzyskie, Podkarpackie, and a portion of the Śląskie Voivodeship, including the former Częstochowa, Bielsko, and the eastern part of the Katowice VoivodeshipThe database collects observations in cooperation with other organizations operating in the area, which means there is the possibility of exchanging information between them. We encourage you to enter both current observations, preferably in the form of complete checklists for quality control, as well as your older observations from previous years, which can also be used in data processing, for example, for the next edition of the regional atlas.

By the way, we encourage you to share your observations on our Facebook discussion group MTO – Bird Observations, which is intended for bird lovers and observers, both those affiliated with the Małopolska Ornithological Society and those who are not. You can share your current observations and bird photos there (with the obligatory inclusion of location, time, and the Polish bird species name), but only from the ornithological activity area of the Małopolska Ornithological Society (see Activity areas of MTO). We particularly encourage sharing information about rare species encountered during your field trips. If you have doubts about the species identification, experienced group members and moderators will be happy to help determine the species.

Feel free to register and enter your observations!

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